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About Us

Corporate Values

Only The Best and Brightest

Your company deserves the very best. Our team is a compact powerhouse of seasoned veterans, each with a minimum of 8 years experience. Most organizations have a few senior staff for dealing with the client and numerous junior staff behind the scenes.

Does experience really matter? Would you be comfortable as a passenger on an airline pilot's first flight? Maybe not. Experience is crucial in writing software. Put your business in the hands of experts.

Investing in our People

Before going down a particular project path, you want to know all possible avenues have been explored and the most effective selected. Our team is constantly being trained in the latest software technologies to allow the greatest number of options for your solution architecture. Our strength is our people.

Partner with Technology Leaders

Software solutions wouldn't be possible without sophisticated tools to build them. We are constantly on the look out for the best tools

Do It Right

Integrity is the cornerstone of a successful life and a successful business. The true test of someone's character is how he or she behaves when no one will find out. It is true that most clients will lack the expertise to pull back the veil and examine the source code of their solution. But should you do so, you will see your project was done right. Our team uses industry standard best practices (called Design Patterns) to build solutions. We are constantly reading on how others solved their problems so we can use their proven approach. Only when the foundation of a solution is solid do we begin building the requisite features. This approach lowers the cost of maintenance, reduces the impact of changes, and allows the solution to grow with your business.

Sow where we Reap

Nuway believes very strongly in sowing back from where we reap. Many of our project solutions have benefited from the vast web community, MSDN articles, and other free exchanges of technical information.

Nuway gives back to the community in several ways:

  • Employees are encouraged to write technology articles, post solutions to newsgroup questions, attend or present at user group meetings, and write online book reviews. Generally: to be helpful to the international community of software developers.
  • Nuway supports shareware and public domain components/classes by registering products and making donations. This helps sustain the small individual "pet project" market from which most innovative solutions arise.
  • Nuway sponsors little league team sports. Software creation is a team effort, not an individual one. Teamwork learned at a young age can reap a lifetime of reward. An excellent way to help prepare the team-mentality for tomorrow?s software developers is through little league sports.

What if there was a new way
  • Software could be consistently delivered on time
  • Software always meets the user's needs
  • Software could be easily changed and extended, at any time
  • Software could be built faster
  • We could look at the mistakes of the last decade and take a different path to avoid them
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If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.

Charles Kettering