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  • Nuway becomes a Samsung Enterprise Partner - 22.April.13
    With the changing landscape of the mobile workforce, Nuway has partnered with Samsung to offer enterprise software solutions that run on the variety of Samsung devices. Samsung is committed to creating an ecosystem that supports partners in developing successful relationships and providing the best customer experience for enterprises.
  • Trapeze ensures a smooth ride with Nuway - 28.March.13
    Public transit software firm Trapeze Group hired Nuway to design and develop an Android-based mobile Driver Evaluation application. Nuway designed a one-hand, one-thumb application used by mystery riders to evaluate the quality of public transit drivers. The application is open to supporting cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as the ability to connect with the vehicle telematics. Evaluations may be stored locally on the handheld or sent to a central server.
  • Nuway helps Maritime-Ontario with road map - 3.August.12
    With a focus on growth, Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines will leverage Nuway Software's business intelligence in integrated systems to create a technology road map. The initial phase will be focused on infrastructure with a custom mobile solution to follow.
  • Texada Software designs it the Nuway - 27.June.12
    To ensure traceability, efficient utilization of assets and real-time metrics of equipment use, Texada Software has hired Nuway Software to design their mobile asset management application.
  • Purolator launches STAR mobile application - 25.June.12
    Nuway Software and Purolator partner to design and develop a seamless and integrated national mobile software solution. STAR (Scan Tracking Application Reborn) focuses on five main functions within the Purolator delivery chain. The user centric application design focused on an intuitive and positive user experience, performance gains through process optimization, battery management and efficiency, and robust and reliable communication synchronization between the mobile device and integration server. The software was recently certified by Motorola and has been overwhelmingly adopted by users.
  • Loomis Express begins next gen mobile app - 22.May.12
    With a new device, Loomis Express kicks off the next generation enterprise mobile strategy. Nuway Software will design and develop the application to include package tracking, bulk deliveries and dynamic address lookup. The solution will run on the Motorola MC65 ruggedized device.
  • Sleep Country evolves mobile solution - 5.January.12
    In an effort to better leverage their field work initiative, Sleep Country Canada hires Nuway Software to developed their second generation enterprise mobile solution. The new software will allow for product delivery and pickup scanning, GPS tracking, payment transaction processing, and invoice printing all from the handheld.
  • Nuway/Descartes join forces on Noble project - 3.January.12
    With a proven Nuway mobile solution in the field, Noble is now evolving their delivery application to include route optimization care of Descartes. With the robust fundamentals already in place on the mobile side, Nuway will work to incorporate Descartes' routing intelligence.
  • Canpar adds Hub application - 15.July.11
    After successfully launching their Nuway developed mobile courier delivery application in early 2011, Canpar returned to Nuway for the development of their Hub application, which manages the flow of parcels and letters through their depot. Working on the same device as the courier delivery system, Nuway developed a robust and efficient system to track items within the four walls.
  • Nuway springs forth for Canadian Springs - 02.feb.11
    Tired of their frustrating out dated DSD application, Canadian Springs embarks on a bright new future with Nuway’s custom built water delivery system. Deployment flexibility is key, so the software will run on existing hardware devices as well as new handheld devices brought in through a hardware refresh.
  • WIS counts on Nuway - 02.jan.11
    WIS Inventory Counting Services, has selected Nuway for their innovative new mobile counting solution. Not satisfied with the mobile handhelds on the market, WIS has created their own custom ergonomic form factor handheld. To really make this project successful, WIS was seeking an innovative software provider that can work effectively with new hardware and all of the challenges that brings. Their search stopped when they found Nuway.
  • TST Overland Express delivers a Nuway - 15.dec.10
    TST Overland Express, part of the Transforce group of companies, has selected Nuway for their enterprise mobile LTL software system. As part of a hardware upgrade, TST is looking to significantly improve their operational workflow and track metrics previously unavailable to them with their legacy system.
  • Canpar delivers the Nuway - 11.nov.10
    Canpar After years of difficulty with their current mobile application, Canpar has selected Nuway to write a next generation mobile courier delivery application. Inspired by the current application (so as to minimize retraining) the new design features location based intelligence to speed driver data entry and dispatch to driver text messaging.
  • Voortman Cookies now baking a Nuway - 04.apr.10
    Unsatisfied with their current Direct Store Delivery mobile solution, Voortman Cookies trusts Nuway to bring ease of use, accuracy, and stability in a whole new DSD application. As promised, the solution was delivered on time, not a day later. Today concluded the smooth release to over 500 distributors.
  • Mobile Goes Moo! - 31.mar.10
    Because it's only obvious a cookie project goes with a milk project! Alberta Milk chooses Nuway Software to build a next generation milk transport application. The new system replaces a cumbersome Palm solution with a nice shiny new Intermec CN3e all-in-one handheld for faster, easier, more secure data entry.
  • Innovative Tire Storage Solutions - 01.nov.09
    Tire Storage Solutions chose Nuway for our mobility expertise and creative approach to software to build a fool proof tire storage system for garages and car dealerships. The system launches for the 2009 winter tire season at Mazda, Toyota, BMW, Canadian Tire, and Costco near you!
  • Tire Storage Solutions innovates in a Nuway - 03.dec.08
    Tire Storage Solutions seeks a pioneering partner to help them bring their new tire storage solution service to life. They selected Nuway to construct an intuitive fool proof mobile solution soon to be used at a car dealership near you.
  • Motorola wants to work the Nuway - 25.nov.08
    After witnessing what Nuway is capable of, Motorola pursues a partnership between the two organizations. Nuway is proud to bring our ridiculously fantastic software and radically customer centric process to Motorola's suite of handhelds and hardware partners.
  • ICS Courier delivers the Nuway - 04.jul.08
    ICS Courier, a division of Canpar, part of the TransForce group of companies, chooses Nuway to craft their real-time driver mobility system. Targeting the new Motorola MC75 ruggedized handheld, Nuway plans to exceed all expectations with a mobile solution unlike anything yet seen before.
  • Microsoft Certified in Custom Mobile Solutions - 01.may.08
    Nuway is proud to be among the first companies to be certified with Microsoft in Mobile Solutions competency. This new certification is constantly evolving as Microsoft adds new exams and requirements, and Nuway will be there leading the pack with innovative mobile solutions.
  • Noble Trade Plumbs the Nuway - 15.apr.08
    After an exhaustive search, Noble Trade, an Ontario plumbing supply wholesaler, chooses Nuway to create their driver mobile system. Increasing driver efficiency, improving dispatch's operational visibility, and offering a superior level of customer service are all eagerly anticipated results when the project rolls out.
  • Tiger Courier delivers the Nuway - 25.may.07
    Sayonara Palm Symbol devices! Hello sleek new Mobile 5 Intermec CN3! After a thorough pilot, Siemens/Tiger Courier launches their spiffy new courier mobile application.
  • Secret Project Rescued the Nuway - 24.apr.07
    Years over due. Drastically over budget. This is not the way software should be. Fed up with the old way, [Name not disclosed to save everyone face] fires their software company and places their project into Nuway's expert hands. And there is much rejoicing!
  • Smart Ordering Pilot a Nuway to Success - 20.mar.07
    After a three month five location pilot, Core-Mark designates the Intermec CN2B Smart Ordering Retail Replenishment project a success. Along with plans to roll out across several geographies in North America, Core-Mark looks to Nuway to provide additional features and leverage the mobile architecture for additional uses.
  • Nuway to Launch the CN3 - 13.sep.06
    Intermec, the world leading manufacturer of ruggedized mobile computers, has selected Nuway as one of only 14 partners to launch the CN3. The CN3 is the smallest, lightest, ruggedized mobile computer on the planet. The CN3 incorporates a revolutionary new feature: built in GPS. Until the CN3, GPS was always an external clip-on or Bluetooth wireless accessory.
  • Core-Mark replenishes the Nuway - 01.aug.06
    Core-Mark International supplies over 20,000 grocery and convenience retail stores throughout North America. With all those orders coming in, it was time to do things the Nuway. Core-Mark selects Nuway to build the innovative Mobile Smart Ordering System to usher in a new era of retailer replenishment.
  • Medcan thrilled in a Nuway - 25.may.06
    Medcan Health Management, North America's largest executive health care clinic, sees their enterprise scheduling system built once and built right.  Medcan confirms the Nuway is the right way!
  • Pizza Pizza is Cooking a Nuway - 28.feb.06
    With over 400 restaurants, Pizza Pizza is Ontario's most successful pizza chain. How do you make a good thing better? By doing it the Nuway! Pizza Pizza chooses Nuway to collaborate on an innovative, top-secret, kitchen order processing system.
  • Wessuc Seeks a Nuway to Suck - 15.jan.06
    Wessuc's fleet of vacuum trucks spend too much dwell time on paperwork. Wessuc chooses Nuway to build a comprehensive Mobile 5.0 GPS handheld solution with a sophisticated .NET 2.0 project dispatch system. Wessuc blows past the competition by going a Nuway!
  • The Nuway to build Homes - 5.dec.05
    Canadian Timber Company builds prefabricated timber house frames for assembly around the world. Backlogged with customer demand, Timber needed a custom sales and quoting engine. Timber is delighted to see their software constructed on time and on budget!
  • Future technology is the Nuway - 2.nov.05
    Nuway has been recognized as a leader in mobile software technology. The Toronto chapter of the .NET user group has invited Nuway President, Thomas Henshell, to speak on the new mobile technology found in Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

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