Do it once. Do it Right. The Nuway
The Nuway

Part 2: The NuwayTM

Uncover the issues with the "old" way

What if there was a new way?

  • What if software could be consistently delivered on time?
  • What if software always met the user's needs?
  • What if software could be easily changed and extended, at any time?
  • What if software could be built faster?
  • What if we could look at the mistakes of the last decade and take a different path to avoid them?

The NuwayTM

  • Do It Right the First Time

    Software isn't "developed", it's constructed. Piano skills are developed gradually with lessons. Software is constructed, like an office tower, at one time based on a blueprint. Quality software starts with a quality blueprint.

    Software blueprints are an art as much as a science. There is a beauty and an elegance in simple designs. It takes a senior developer with years of experience to draft simple extendable solutions to complex problems. Junior developers are shorter sighted, becoming the authors of convoluted systems with large maintenance costs.

    The blueprint is a critical step but only half of the entire formula for successful application creation. Even the right blueprint in the wrong hands will never result in a quality product. Many may claim to be able to get the job done, few pursue the path of Craftsmanship.

    It is not just a matter of doing what is in the blueprint (the plan); it is about achieving near perfection. In home construction, taking shortcuts leads to squeaky floors and popping drywall plugs. In software creation, shortcuts lead to poor application performance, excessive use of cellular data transfer, bugs, and high cost of change.

    A true craftsman will appear to cost more up front. The primary reason for that is they are guaranteeing the solution will be done right the first time. Craftsmanship results in a higher quality solution with a lower overall cost.

    We follow the Unified Software Development Process, an industry leading development methodology with proven success.  This process was originally developed by Rational Software, a think tank on how to build better software.  Through a recent acquisition it is now owned and operated by IBM.  Because this isn't something we "just made up", our clients can rest assured their project is in the hands of experts.

  • Time and Budgets are Important

    Software is useless unless it solves a specific problem, within the budget and by a specific time.  Our experience and process allows us to accurately predict the cost and schedule of your solution and stick to it.

  • Software Solves Problems

    Software isn't written for software's sake. Software solves pain points within an organization. If a feature cannot be directly traced back to benefiting a user, it is dropped from the project.

  • Zero Maintenance

    Solutions should be self administrating: by the users, for the users. The developer should be able to easily remove his or herself from the daily operation of the system with no impact.

  • Partner With, Not Work For

    To understand the business problem that must be solved, we must completely understand the business. We partner with our clients by learning their business, how it runs, and designing seamless solutions that fit within the greater context.

What if there was a new way
  • Software could be consistently delivered on time
  • Software always meets the user's needs
  • Software could be easily changed and extended, at any time
  • Software could be built faster
  • We could look at the mistakes of the last decade and take a different path to avoid them
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